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1.20.9 has arrived. The patch focuses on improvements and stability from the last few patches. 

Features & Improvements

  • Increased file size allowed when downloading maps
  • Ladder maps added within folder structure: maps/ladder/FrontierLeague2017S1
  • Players with HD licenses now able to play offline for 30 days
  • Enter “/help friends” in Chat for additional information on Friends’ commands
  • Right click reporting a player within a Channel list will open a modal with a list of report types

Bug Fixes

  • The Spidermine’s Attack icon is now in HD
  • Players with US accounts running in a Korean version of Windows are now able to zoom in Single Player
  • Cloud upload message will no longer flash on exit 

  • Fixed a graphical anomaly when entering Leaderboards and Profile
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to access other players’ profiles from Chat Channels
  • Changing portraits now working as intended
  • “Designate as Moderator” is no longer an option for users that are already Moderators
  • Receiving a whisper from a player that you have not responded to will now display in the Chat List
  • Fixed an issue where selected Profile name was not appearing between whispering players


  • Fixed a crash caused by selecting an unsupported map size
  • Fixed a crash caused by /quit or /logout commands
  • Fixed crashes caused by receiving whispers from Friends