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1.20.6 has arrived. This patch is focused on chat command improvements.

Specific Changes & Improvements

  • The Observer UI will now properly handle highlighting and selecting Same Units, on Multiple Teams via CTRL + Clicking a unit type
  • An option has been added to allow game sounds to continue in the background

Bug Fixes

  • /help now works as expected with all chat frames including Create, Join, game lobbies, Ranked, and the Ladder scoreboard
  • /dnd now blocks whispers from users in chat lobbies and in game while the user is in chat lobbies or in game. Toggling /dnd on or off updates the user's status from Online to Busy
  • /friends list should now list all of the user’s friends
  • Players will no longer see /ignored Players' text during in game, various menus and lobbies including chat and LAN chat. Edit (this is no longer in 1.20.6, but should make its way into a patch soon)
  • Fixed a crash players were experiencing when loading short replays
  • Players on the Europe gateway can now access profiles of other players

Portrait Contest Winners Announced