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All Builds

We’ve just releaseed a new PTR patch for Heroes of the Storm in order to apply balance changes alongside a few bug fixes.






  • Basic Attack damage increased from 160 to 176


  • Storm Bow (Q)
    • Damage increased from 270 to 297
  • Scatter Arrow (W)
    • Damage increased from 85 to 93
  • Sonic Arrow (E)
    • Damage increased from 150 to 165
  • Dragonstrike (R)
    • Damage increased from 52 to 58
  • Dragon’s Arrow (R)
    • Damage increased from 100/200/350 to 130/260/390


  • Level 20
    • Play of the Game (R)
      • Damage increased from 120 to 132

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Bug Fixes

Heroes & Talents

  • Sgt. Hammer: The Hyper-Cooling Engines talent will no longer grant cooldown reduction from basic attacks against non-Heroic targets while in Siege Mode.
  • Tychus & Stitches: Tychus can now be affected by Stitches’ Gorge while in Commandeer Odin.

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