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Public Test Realm Hotfix Patch — March 24, 2016

We’ve just released a new patch for the Public Test Realm in order to fix the following bugs:

Bug Fixes


  • Core Health, Shields, and regeneration rates have been reverted to their current values in the live version of the game.

Heroes and Talents

  • Abathur players will no longer become permanently unable to issue commands to Ultimate Evolution clones that were affected by Sylvanas’ Mind Control.
  • Artanis’ Twin Blades Ability will now use the proper icon colors during its active and inactive states.
  • Cleave damage dealt to secondary targets of Kerrigan’s Basic Attacks will no longer grant Ability cooldown reduction after picking the Battle Momentum and Fury of the Swarm Talents.
  • Sgt. Hammer’s Blunt Force Gun projectile will no longer appear to fire from her Hero model after taking the Orbital BFG Talent.
  • Issuing /dance or /taunt commands while under the effects of Mind Control will no longer prevent the target from being moved by Sylvanas.
  • Players that are killed while coming under the effects of Sylvanas’ Mind Control will no longer become permanently unable to issue commands to their hero.
  • Tychus’ Overkill will now properly acquire a new target after killing an enemy Hero.
  • Zagara will no longer retain the Health and Mana regeneration bonuses provided by a Nydus Worm if it is destroyed while she is still inside.

User Interface

  • Dehaka’s Abilities are now displayed in the correct order on the Hero Select screen and in the Shop.
  • After allowing a mid-ban to expire, previous Hero picks will no longer persist at the center of the draft screen during subsequent Hero picks.
  • Leaving a Custom Game during draft mode will no longer cause Hero bans and picks to persist during subsequent drafting attempts by the remaining players in the lobby.