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Patch 2.3.0 now available for testing on the PTR. We’re experimenting with some server performance optimizations, and we need you to join us on the PTR to test it out!

We’re looking for players of all types to participate, but we especially encourage use of the following skills and items:

  • Barbarian
    • Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash)
    • Leap (Call of Arreat)
  • Crusader
    • Condemn (Vacuum)
  • Demon Hunter
    • Rain of Vengeance (Stampede)
  • Monk
    • Cyclone Strike
  • Witch Doctor
    • Piranhas (Piranhado)
  • Wizard
    • Black Hole
  • Other Items
    • Ess of Johan
    • The Grin Reaper

Other effects that knock up enemies, crowd control multiple targets, or gather up large amounts of monsters will also help us evaluate the effectiveness of these optimizations. High level Greater Rifts with high monster density is also an ideal environment.

A few important notes:

  • There is no new content included on this PTR
  • Achievements currently do not function on the PTR; this is a known issue
  • While you will be able to copy your existing characters, we will also be activating the 1000% Legendary Find buff to encourage participation and allow you to find some of the items that benefit the above skills
  • As a reminder, any progress made on the PTR does not transfer over to your live account
  • We will not be opening the PTR feedback or bug report forums, as manual feedback is not needed; we simply need you to play!
  • Over the course of the PTR, server performance will be different than live. Sometimes it will be better, sometimes it may be worse—this is why we need your help testing!

This PTR will only be available for a limited time, and we’d greatly appreciate all the help we can get in testing it quickly and with as many participants as possible!

For more information on how to access the PTR and use the Character Copy system, click here.