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Introducing Stryker: A NATO soldier ready for deployment in Season Five

Introducing Stryker: A NATO soldier ready for deployment in Season Five
Wednesday, 01 September 2021

A soldier whose dedication to excellence borders on obsession, Stryker represents the future of the U.S. Armed Forces. Some say his synthesis of advanced military theory and technology makes him the first true super soldier. With the Numbers Program in full broadcast, his services are needed now more than ever.

Available now in Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone™, Stryker joins NATO via Season Five’s Tracer Pack: Stryker Operator Bundle. Here’s the full briefing:

Meet stryker

Meet Stryker

Full Name: Colton “Stryker” Greenfield

Date of Birth: 06/13/1952

Nationality: American

Birthplace: Round Rock, TX

Faction: NATO

Blood Type: A-

First Language: English


1970 — Enrolled in West Point with Service-Connected nomination.

1974 — Graduate top of class from West Point with  bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.

1979 — Following first deployment, received stellar Officer Evaluation Report and record Ranger Orientation Program scores. Was subsequently accepted into 1st Ranger Battalion.

[Redacted Paragraph]

1980 — Held Manzariyeh Air Base in Tehran during Operation Eagle Claw.

1981 — Recruited by CIA Special Activities Division Special Operations Group (SAD/SOG) based on exemplary service record and peer recommendations.

1982 — Selected as inaugural member of CIA SAD/SOG [REDACTED] task force, focused on future warfare and counterinsurgency.

With a disabled veteran father and two brothers KIA in Vietnam, Stryker’s destiny was always on the battlefield. Even early in his career, his commanding officers noted his singular devotion to military life.

While his peers filled their downtime with football and drinking, Stryker was often found obsessively maintaining his equipment or reading his battered copy of Clausewitz. His squadmates call him “a cold sunuvabitch” and “a goddamn savant” in the same breath, marveling over both his willingness to test cutting-edge military tech in active combat zones and his aptitude to survive such encounters.

Pairing his exemplary service record with his deep theoretical understanding of warfare and the soldier’s place in it, Stryker was declared a prime candidate for the groundbreaking CIA [REDACTED] task force. Agency leaders have described him as the future of American warfare, and many consider him the country’s first true super soldier.

Bundle Intel: The Art of Warfare

Bundle Intel: The Art of Warfare

Stryker always comes prepared with his gear in top shape, starting with two battle-hardened Legendary Weapon Blueprints: the “Shuttle Blast” assault rifle and the “Solid Effort” shotgun, both featuring Red Tracer Fire.

Alongside Stryker’s default Operator Skin, “Interference,” you’ll also unlock the “Road Rash” Finishing Move (featuring the RC-XD), the “Fringe” Reticle, the “Battle Focus” Animated Calling Card, the “Detonator” Charm, the “.50 Cal Flip” Gesture, and the “Fire Away” Emblem.

Visit the in-game store now to purchase the Tracer Pack: Stryker Operator Bundle for access to the American super-soldier and his full Bundle arsenal. With Stryker in the field, Perseus and Stitch will certainly be on their guard.

Ready up and deploy today in Season Five of Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, now live and full of free new content. Visit for more info.

Execute the mission.

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