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Discord Bot Information

Want instant game update notifications and links to patch notes right in your Discord server? BlizzTrack maintains a verified, lightweight, and ad-free Discord bot that will send your server notifications, fully customizable. All notifications are disabled by default to avoid spam, and setting it up takes less than 5 minutes!

Bot Prefix: : bt!

How to setup

This part's easy, just click the invite button below, and select Discord server where you have the Manage Server permission.

You'll be asked to grant some basic permissions for the bot to function, and then it should show up in your server list! Verified Discord bots automatically create their own role on your server, and you can customize access from there.

Common Commands

Command Aliases Usage Description
help h bt!help [Command] List all commands.
search N/A bt!search [Query] Search for games that have been indexed by BlizzTrack.
subscribe sub bt!subscribe [Game] Subscribe to one or multiple games. Subscribing to a game will post a message whenever a new version is found.
unsubscribe unsub bt!unsubscribe [Game] Unsubscribe from a game. Unsubscribing from a game will stop posting messages whenever a new version is found.
listsubscriptions listsubs, listsub, list bt!listsubscriptions List all games you're currently subscribed to.
clearsubscriptions clearsubs, clearsub bt!clearsubscriptions Completely remove all subscriptions from this channel. You will no longer receive messages when new versions are available.